The Power of Craigslist Posting Services


Did you know that Craigslist is currently the 10th most visited website in the USA according to traffic ranking website Alexa? Craigslist is one of the most visited websites online, and the largest online classified community currently in existence. So why aren’t you posting on Craigslist and tapping into this huge target market? If you aren’t you definitely should, and if you are you need to take your Craigslist posting to the next level!

By hiring a professional Craigslist Posting Service you can turn your once a day local ad campaign into a thriving multiple times a day nationwide ad campaign! Imagine posting 50, 100, 250 ads per day all across the nation, marketing your services or products? You now have the potential to target as many consumers as the big boys do! All for a fraction of the price! The response generated from conducting a targeted nationwide Craigslist campaign is tremendous. You are now on the center stage advertising during the Superbowl as opposed to 3AM on your local PBS affiliate.

cl-logoSure you can try to post all these ads yourself, but you will surely fail. Not only is this an extremely time consuming task, Craigslist has put in place specific filters, restrictions and stipulations to ensure that you cannot post outside of your geographic area. What does this mean you may ask yourself? Well, lets say you work in the Phoenix metropolitan area, and you want to post an ad in Phoenix, New York, Chicago and Boston for your service or products you are marketing. You post your first ad in Phoenix which goes live and shows up on the site properly. Then you post your other ads in New York, Chicago and Boston, all which appear to post correctly, however they do not go live on Craigslist. Why is this? Craigslist checks your IP address from the computer you are submitting the ad from, and realizes you are in Phoenix, therefore filtering and not allowing you to post outside of the Phoenix area.

A professional Craigslist Posting Service like CPS can circumvent these restrictions and stipulations put in place utilizing advanced custom developed technologies. You wouldn’t try to perform brain surgery on yourself would you? Why not leave the brain surgery to the experts, the brain surgeons, and leave the craigslist posting to the craigslist posting professionals, CPS.

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