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Edward S.

Craigslist Posting Service

Boost your sales by utilizing our automated posting solutions.

We have developed unique strategies to consistently post ads anywhere on Craigslist for you automatically. Imagine the traffic and sales potential possible by posting your product or service locally or nationwide on Craigslist daily. Don't fuss with complicated Craigslist posting software, or worry about posting manually. Call us now or fill out our contact form to get started TODAY!

Our first in the industry interactive dashboard allows you to easily track all yours posts made through our system. Trust the Craigslist Posting Service with the most advanced auto poster software tailor made specifically for business needs.

I couldn't believe the amount of calls I was receiving after just 1 day of postings
Michael I.
Small Business Owner

Above the Competition

Our Craigslist posting service is simple to use and we go above and beyond to make sure you succeed.

Content Creation

Content Creation

We will assist you with content creation and professional graphic design options for your new campaign to ensure that your ads drive the traffic you need to convert sales.

Data and Keyword Analysis

Data and Keyword Analysis

We can help you analyze which cities are best for you to market in, and what keywords you should be targeting so that you can dominate the search results on Craigslist.

Campaign Monitoring

Campaign Monitoring

We will be monitoring your campaigns daily. If we see any issues, we will immediately let you know and discuss necessary modifications to remedy the situation.



We have been doing this for a long time and know what does and does not work. We will be more than happy to help you with all aspects of your campaign.


Interactive Dashboard

Track the status of your ads, campaigns, account finances, and other features through our interactive dashboard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Rest assured your ads are going live.

We have the most advanced tracking system available of any Craigslist Posting service provider! A first in the industry, we give you the direct ability to track your ads in real time, with live clickable links. See which ads are live, ghosted, and flagged. We even provide historical data and graphs as well. All this data is fully exportable to Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet software.

Don't settle for manual Craigslist posting services that expect you to track your own ads. We have simplified everything for you and bundled it all together in nice and easy to read charts and graphs. Our system is tailored for businesses to provide reliable postings locally or nationwide, relevant analytics, and reporting metrics.

Corporate clients, we have the ability to track the amount of phone calls, emails, and texts/SMS messages you receive from your posts in specific cities as well as auto reply capabilities. Curious how specific ads are performing? Looking to increase your marketing in specific areas? Having data such as this allows you to take a granular look at exactly how well your marketing is performing. We have experience with split A/B testing and will ensure the campaign you run with us is a successful one.

Other custom solutions available for corporate clients upon request. If you can think of it, we can implement it! Contact us today for a no obligation custom quote for a package that will suit your needs.

How to Use Our Craigslist Posting Service

Don't worry, it's actually very easy

Step 1:  Create Your Ad

Step 1: Create Your Ad

Create a graphical or text based ad that details exactly what services or products you are offering. Make sure that you leave some way for potential customers to contact you, whether it be an email address, web site, phone number or all of the above.

Step 2: Choose Where to Post

Step 2: Choose Where to Post

Choose which cities and sections on Craigslist you would like to post to, as well as the amount of times you want to post. We offer one time postings, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly packages. Please contact us directly to build a custom quote for you.

Step 3:  Track Ads on Dashboard

Step 3: Track Ads on Dashboard

Track your ads and account balance in real time on our interactive dashboard. We track all statuses of ads, whether they go live, are flagged, or are ghosted. We ONLY charge for live ads, you will not be charged for flagged ads or ghosted ads.

Step 4:  Profit

Step 4: Profit

Sit back and watch your phone ring, your web site hum, and your revenue increase! Our craigslist posting services drives the necessary traffic you need to convert sales. Stop worrying about manually posting, and focus on what matters, your business. Leave the posting to us!


Craigslist Posting Software

Dealing with Craigslist posting software can often be frustrating due to the large learning curve associated with understanding the Craigslist posting process and what does and doesn’t work.

Craigslist has many filters, restrictions and stipulations in place in order to stop or limit the functionality of posting software or Craigslist auto posters.

In order to successfully post with Craigslist posting software, one needs many moving parts, or the posts simply won’t go “live” and are often “ghosted” or “flagged’ immediately. This excessive list of moving parts includes but is not limited to: phone verified accounts (often referred to as PVAs), ip addresses, proxy servers, CAPTCHA solving accounts, random text/subject line generators and more. Even with all these tools, there is no guarantee your ad will actually go live. In fact, most people who purchase Craigslist posting software are stumped because they can’t get their ads to actually show up!

Consumers end up spending hundreds of dollars on an Craigslist auto poster software or solution, as well as monthly subscription fees, and their posts simply don’t stick!

The fact of the matter is it is very difficult to be successful in posting when using boxed or custom Craigslist posting software. Furthermore, Craigslist is constantly changing their algorithm, site design, and posting filters/restrictions, resulting in the Craigslist auto poster breaking frequently and in need of an update to work properly again. At this point in time you are at the mercy of the software developer waiting for their fix/update to appear so that you can again begin posting Read More...

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